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Exploring Social Innovation in NYC 


Identifying the uniqueness of New York City in facilitating social innovation and creativity as well as the actors involved.



Using workshops and design-led research, to tell the story of social innovation in New York City. 



Role: Researcher, Visual Designer, Workshop Designer and Facilitator. 

Collaborators: Christianna Ambo-Jones, Danielle Palmer, Gertrud Høgh Rasmussen, Hannah Denitz, Melissa Bautista, Michael Ryan and Reid Henkel

Partners: Centre for Social Innovation and The New School

Playground for 

I worked with seven graduate students to assess the critical factors  for social innovation to thrive in NYC. We used different research methods such as literature reviews, interviews and a design-led workshop where we engaged social entrepreneurs, non profit agents, and other social innovation enthusiasts.

Vehicle for 

The research was aimed at mapping out the resources needed to support social innovation in NYC.  We determined opportunities, trends and challenges for NYC to become a hub for social innovation.  Based on the findings we generated a set of recommendations to our client The Centre for Social Innovation.