San Isidro Bus Station


Through urban design, the San Isidro Bus Station Project could act as a hub for the community by incorporating culture, leisure, and business activities desired and needed by the community. 



Using systems thinking and architecture to develop a strategy for urban space activation in Tenerife, Spain.




Role: Intern Architect  

Collaborators:  Ignacio López Busón, Diego Sáenz, Elisa Chu Gónzales. 

Project of Lab for Planning and Architecture

The team questioned the original request made by the Municipality of San Isidro, Tenerife, Spain to design a basic bus station. This resulted in a holistic design strategy for a transportation hub which can also serve as a community urban space. Therefore the design strategy included the incorporation of activities for community engagement.


Vehicle for
Playground for

I worked with a multidisciplinary team enabling us to view the project  from different perspectives, leading to one of the major insights: although the site was great in terms of accessibility it lacked urban life quality. Therefore, we proposed an engaging intervention that addressed mobility needs as well as services to spark urban life, i.e. an amphitheater that could be used as a waiting area. | 917.991.3633 | Brooklyn, NY