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Insurance Platform

Helping an insurance company lead the marketplace by delivering exemplary service through leading-edge offerings, a robust platform, and an agile workforce



Leveraging design and systems thinking to develop a breakthrough innovation platform to transform the group insurance installation process for both sponsors (buyers) and the insurance company’s staff



Role: Design Consultant


The design of a digital tool was instrumental to support case teams in the end-to-end process, and to provide a seamless and guided experience for sponsors and buyers. This platform aimed to:

  • Deliver a compelling experience walkthrough of the process and services

  • Leverage modular packages that engages sponsors proactively and eliminates rework

  • Empowers staff to become a team of doers through an agile team model

  • Create partnerships with data solutions vendors to streamline the process, thereby, creating sticky relationships with sponsors

Playground for
Vehicle for Change

Concept development brief outlining key themes, highlights from interviews, analogous and market research. 

Research immersion and concept development workshop.

Platform blueprint