We prototyped the multi purpose kit, where we learned how to improve the modular pieces so that individuals could easily assemble them in multiple ways depending on their needs. By building the kit we were also able to imagine different scenarios that BY|FOR could provide for social collaboration.  However, our main learning was that by visualizing and testing concepts with the kit, business ideas became more tangible and realistic.

By using systems thinking we identified that linking people’s skills with community’s needs could drive positive change from the community for the community. The core of BY|FOR is the multi purpose kit, which consists of inexpensive modular pieces to enable the testing of ideas for potential business initiatives. By increasing neighborhood business ventures, the service could foster economic growth within the community. 

BY|FOR Anneessens 


BY|FOR is a service that provides the residents of Anneessens the necessary tools to identify unrecognized skills that can be translated into business ideas, which prior to full implementation are tested with the community.



Using service design to engage individual and collective mindsets to create positive change by assessing economic opportunities. 



Role: Service Designer

Collaborators: Reid Henkel

External Partners MAD In SituDesign for ChangeArt Point M & Lille Desing

Project Featured in La Braderie de l'Art Exhibition (Roubaix, France. December, 2014)

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By collaborating with local NGO’s, we identified that although Anneessens is a community with socio-economic challenges, the residents possess  a wealth of knowledge and skills.  However,  there is an epidemic of passivity hindering capacity for development.  Seeing immediate results was essential to prompt the community to act. Therefore, BY|FOR was designed as a service that provides mentorship, partnerships and tools to quickly test  business ideas.

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