I traveled to Rio de Janeiro to gather insights about the cultural and art life in the city.  Through qualitative research methods it became evident that Rio is a  fragmented city - communities are isolated from each other, culturally, economically, and physically. Furthermore, cultural producers lack communication and networking channels.  Despite these challenges, we identified that festive events can bring together diverse neighborhoods.

The collaboration between two teams, one in NYC and one in Rio de Janeiro,  allowed us to develop a strategy based on local information and global trends. Our goal was to design a service that would allow Rio’s residents to learn about communities in their city through a fun and engaging way. Barulho Labs became a co-creation platform that enabled the design of festive events to promote cultural networks.  


Through prototyping we learned that one of the main assets of the proposed strategy was to bring together artists and producers to collaborate and seek economic opportunities as well as to promote peer to peer interaction to increase assistance and participation to the festive events.  We are currently  refining the idea  by further prototyping and engaging local partners.

Barulho Labs


Through an online and offline platform, Barulho Labs, enables artists, producers and audiences to co-create festive events to foster social mobility.



Using design thinking and rapid prototyping to develop a strategy to enahnce cultural networks.




Role: Strategic Designer 

Core team NYC:  Andrea Morales Coto and Janson Cheng

Team Rio de Janeiro:  Hanna Gutwilen, Mariane Martins and Lívia King.

Partners: CAIS and PUC-Rio

Full Report & prototype for website

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